About My Watercolors.

While living in humid, unair-conditioned Bermuda, I found soft pastels on paper ran the risk of becoming gummy and oil painting might mold before drying! Many of the British ex-patriots painted only in watercolor. I was very familiar with Winslow Homer’s watercolors of Bermuda because, in my first empty apartment, I had covered the blank walls with prints of Winslow Homer’s watercolors. The Bermuda landscape was a familiar Winslow Homer watercolor painting. The intense turquoise of the ocean, the magenta bougainvillea flowers, and the wild nasturtiums shouted “WATERCOLOUR” - that is using the proper British spelling as a Bermudian would. I could visualize Homer rendering our house by the water and the local fishermen I saw on my daily walks, grappling with their catches from small boats. So I began sketching in watercolor. I have continued to use watercolor, particularly in creating little “house portraits”, sketches that often are commissioned for gifts. I went on to teach watercolor classes in Bermuda and North Carolina.




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