About My Artwork

My primary painting interests are landscape painting and religious iconography. I enjoy sketching, watercolor, soft pastels and occasional work in acrylics, but oil is my favorite medium because of the richness and color possibilities.

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Plein Air Landscape Painting

Many artists paint from photographs and the results can be good. The most challenging and, for me, the most rewarding way to replicate nature is by painting "'en plein aire". In French, this simply means painting in "full or open" air, experiencing nature in its totality. The French Impressionists, such as Monet, excelled at this. Monet painted 25 paintings of haystacks at all times of the day and changing weather and each one tells a different story. The viewer then sees the fleeting sunset or heavy clouds as the painter saw it. Plein air painting can be challenging and similar to backpacking because of the equipment needed in the field. Some plein air painters photograph what they are painting because the light and weather can change rapidly, usually just after you have committed yourself to a specific layout!

Representative samples follow.

African Violet



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