Painting is a joy that continues to enrich my life. I have always loved landscape painting and painting “en plein aire” is my favorite way to spend the day. I usually paint with a traditional landscape pallete in oil, but occasionally I use soft pastel, acrylic, watercolor or make my own egg tempera paint.

I find great beauty in everyday life that can easily go unseen. After traveling many interesting places, I still find the flowering plants on my deck, the chairs on my back porch and what I see while walking my dog are all imbued with a special grace that makes me want to paint. The transient play of light on the grass and the interactions of nature’s colors are an unending source of inspiration.

Basically, I paint because I can not “not paint.” I have also found that even while working at my very best, it is the inevitable mistake, or serendipity, that brings a painting alive. I realize the truth of the words of the poet Leonard Cohen, “Cracks are what let the light in.”

Please feel free to browse my site. New pieces will be added regularly to the galleries. Please contact me for sales information (Tel. 919-471-4067)

- Mimi


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